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The Van Bilsen Group is one of the larger players in the Netherlands in the field of machining operations. The group has 2 locations in Ermelo and consists of 3 business units; Metal industry, FMS and International. We work closely with some foundries for some of the products.

FMS stands for Flexible Manufacturing Systems and within this unit milling takes place with 3 fully automated FMS lines 7 * 24.

The International unit processes a wide range of semi-finished products for the construction of bridges, windmill towers and structures with pre-strung concrete.

As Van Bilsen Group, we mainly process the more complex products with high demands in terms of quality and quality control.

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday 7.30 - 17.00
Friday 7.30 - 11.45

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Tolweg 20, 3851SK Ermelo
Tel: +31 (0)341 - 561 344, Fax: +31 (0)341 - 560 186
E-mail: info@vanbilsengroep.nl