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The Van Bilsen Group is set up as a flat organization with direct communication with those involved. This creates an interaction between people, in which both parties learn from each other and are involved in the jointly set goals.

We want to be a good employer for our own people / employees. We do this by:

1. Good working conditions
2. Good personal guidance by various people within the organization
3. Neat and safe working environment
5. Continue to invest in good machines and automation
6. Good atmosphere / doing fun activities together, for example within the staff association

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday 7.30 - 17.00
Friday 7.30 - 11.45

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Tolweg 20, 3851SK Ermelo
Tel: +31 (0)341 - 561 344, Fax: +31 (0)341 - 560 186
E-mail: info@vanbilsengroep.nl